NEW CONSTRUCTION AND RECONSTRUCTION LLC (NBTR LLC), on the date of July 5th, 2019, has signed a Contract Agreement with a Slovenian company ESOTECH d.d. to execute reconstruction of WWTP, located at the territory of the UC “Zhytomyrvodokanal” at the adress 1A Promyslova Str., Zhytomyr city, on a “turn key” basis.  Site organizational and preparation works have already started.

Dormitory construction, military town № 1, Desna town of Chernihiv region »(code 2018-02g)

Dormitory construction, military town № 25, 105, Shevchenko street, Chernihiv city, (code 2018-01zh)

Construction of imroved design military barracks (residential complexes), 2018 year


  • №1/2/3/4, Zhytomyr town, military town №1, brigade 95 , 42 Myru Avenue
  • №1/2, Zhytomyr town, military town №80
  • №1/2, Zhytomyr town, military town №109
  • №1/2, Zhytomyr town, military town №109 
  • №1/2, Novograd-Volynskyj town ,150 Zhytomyrska Street, military town №5


Design (Construction design stage)  of a connecting channel to restore the connection between The Azov Sea and Molochny Estuary

4 quarter 2017-1 quarter 2018 yy

Reconstruction of residential building for the USA Embassy officers, 54 Artema Str., Kyiv.

S =1800 m2: 50.457059, 30.491284;

The Consular Section of the USA Embassy in Ukraine;

6 Pimonenko Str.; Kyiv: 50.457914, 30.491391;

USIS (“America House”), 59 Melnikova Str., Kyiv:

50.466733, 30.474425;

Office-residential building; 6a Pirogov Str., Kyiv;

S =10,300 m2: 50.446490, 30.505497;

Office-residential complex; 15a Tumanyana Str., Kyiv;

S =106,000 m2: 50.444154, 30.603855;

Office-residential complex;

S=14,500 m2, 2a Mekhanizatorov Str., Kyiv:

50.430245, 30.484317;

Office-residential complex; 26a P. Zaporozhtsa Str., Kyiv;

S= 36,000 m2: 50.479776, 30.604300;

“Lexus” showroom, 23 Ozernaya Str., Kyiv,

S =10,000 m2: 50.526251, 30.494950:

Residential area, Kaliningrad (the Russian Federation);

S= 24,100 m2

Multistory building complex: S=4,600 m2, 23 Baggautovskaya Str., Kyiv, Ukraine: 50.470856, 30.477478

Office and residential complex, S=11,000 m2

Kyiv, the intersection of N. Uzhvy and Novomistitskaya streets:50.500341, 30.442883

Office and residential complex, S=13,800 m2


Sewage Treatment Plant Boryspil:

50.333197, 30.914869

Sewage Treatment Plant Baryshevka:


50.338166, 31.328763